York Region, South Simcoe and King
September 30th, 2016 
Ilona Hoffmann
Sales Representative

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York Region, South Simcoe and King
8 Wrendale Cres
Price: $499,900
Intersection: Dovedale/Wrendale
3407 Holborn Rd
Price: $1,399,000
Intersection: Warden N To Holborn E
1065 20th Sdrd
Price: $3,750,000
Sq. Feet: 3500-5000
Intersection: Highways #27 & #9
2639 Herald Rd
Price: $2,750,000
Sq. Feet: 3000-3500
Intersection: Herald Rd/East Of Woodbine
9885 Morning Glory Rd
Price: $595,000
Sq. Feet: 1500-2000
Intersection: Morning Glory/Pefferlaw Road
111 Civic Square Gate
Price: $569,900
Sq. Feet: 900-999
Intersection: Wellington/John West Way
112 Harvest Hills Blvd
Price: $1,895.00
Intersection: Green Lane/Woodspring Ave.
511 Malvern Cres
Price: $1,800.00
Intersection: Bristol Rd Near Main St North
3739 Tenth Sdrd
Price: $2,499,900
Sq. Feet: 3500-5000
Intersection: 10th Sdrd North Of Hwy 88
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If the time has come for You to "Find Your Dream Home", then I would love to help. New properties are listed every day. By filling out the form, I can have new Listings emailed to You as soon as they become available.The Equity in your home is like any other investment - it needs to be monitored. Homeowners should have their Equity evaluated once a year.
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Understanding the Offer to Purchase Form is essential once your house hunting expedition is a success! You have found the perfect home, one that satisfies your needs, most of your wants- and best of all, fits your pocketbook. Now comes one of the most important phases of your home-buying experience: making an offer to purchase the home.There are many television shows today that focus on home staging. If you have not watched any, do yourself a favor and tune in. They all say the same thing: do not even consider putting your house on the market until you have taken a close look at its condition. Experienced sales people know that you only have one shot at impressing potential buyers, so take some time to prepare your home for showings. You will be rewarded with a faster sale and a higher offer.A great many moves in our lives are to larger residences to accommodate growing families. Or, perhaps our financial development allows us to move up to a larger home with more features and amenities. There is no stress involved in trying to reduce our life’s stuff to fit into a smaller place. If anything, we just need to shop for some more furniture for the new larger place.
Did you know?

Did you know?

Do you have to disclose a Haunting when putting your house up for Sale?Scary New Mortgage rules creeping up
It is said that you should disclose anything that is unseen and MAY affect a person's decision to purchase your property. A haunted property is characterized as a "Stigmatized Property". In the real estate field, when the value of a house is, or Beware of "collateral mortgages" at all cost !!! No more "stated income" allowed for self-employed individuals ! Now guarantors must LIVE WITH YOU ! Any credit check damages your score BIG TIME ! .... keep reading for more details on these outrageous new rules .... Collateral mor
RENTING VS. BUYING, WHICH IS BETTER?"commission free" deals? Are they really?
One thing is for sure; we all know that we need a roof over our head. In most people’s case they end up having to pay either Rent for this roof or a Mortgage payment, unless of course you have a rich family that can offer you FREE or Reduced Rent. Thdespite the fact it may appear at first blush that my view on this is biased, there is a real case to be made for listing with a realtor. I'll tell you why. These so-called "commission-free" listings are definately NOT commission free.
Self-employed challenges when buying Real EstateDeutsche Marklerin !
I'm not only a realtor, but my husband and I are also self-employed and can share first-hand with you what you can expect when making a real estate purchase in 2013. First let me tell you that although quite a lot of money flows througGuten Tag! Mein Deutsch ist nicht hundertprozentich aber ich komm gut aus! Ich bin eine Marklerin in Toronto Canada und die Umgebung. Ich bin aus Krefeld und arbeite in diesen Beruf schon dreizehn Jahre. Ich moechte sehr gerne behilflich sein um dass richtige Haus fuer euch zu finden. Toronto ist sehr tauer. Ein bischen nordlich wird billig
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Renting spells long-term disaster


I have been a property owner for 25 years and a realtor for 13.   Time and time again I see people paying more for their leases than I pay for my mortgage (in a rather large country home, I might add).   They plan on "renting for a  year or two" and then buying.  

What happens in that year or two?   Number one, they are living in a house they don't really like, because there was little to choose from when they were looking for leases.  They haven't been able to remodel or decorate anything, because - let's face it -- the house isn't theirs.  If they're lucky, they haven't had to hear the person living above or below them and they've been meeting monthly to split up the utility bills.    Most of all, they have completely missed out on cashing in on the most extraordinary 2 years in real estate history, where homes have increased in value at a phenomenal pace.    After their "year or two" leasing, they still haven't saved their down payment and houses are much more expensive than when they first launched their plan.  The 5% down they were trying to save, is now $20,000 more than it was then....  

This is a vicious cycle.  It is very common, and with house prices rising with no apparent end in sight, it's not hard to imagine that more and  more people will find themselves in this position in the future.    

How to escape this seemingly hopeless situation?

The answers are not what dreams are made of, but they will work.   First of all, a further commute it likely not something you can escape (for now).   In my area of influence, to live in Barrie is a tough commute if you work in Toronto, but it's a tough pill to swallow only for a few years.   House prices are noticeably lower there, as well as Alliston, Angus.  Getting into the market is the toughest step, and then you can move up from there.

Start with a home that is perhaps not exactly your dream home.  Maybe it needs some sweat and tears, or it doesn't have the dream kitchen or backyard.  Choose a home that has good re-sale potential (because that's the plan!)  

Put your pride on hold !   If your parents can lend you the funds for a down payment, take it!   There is no way to escape the down payment.   Only one important point however...  your parents must "gift" it to you, or the bank will not be happy that you have another debt to service.  

Don't be afraid to take out of your RRsp.  Yes, there is a penalty and,  yes, you will have to pay income tax on it, but the LOSS you experience from paying someone else's mortgage instead of your own, and losing out when property values increase is far greater than those penalties!!!!    You may also consider making an investment with a friend.

A good example of a first-time purchase is, let's say, a townhouse in Barrie for $320,000.    5% down payment would be $16,000.   Add to that additional closing costs of around $3000, we're talking $19,000.   Mortgage payments would be somewhere around $1200/month (depending on many factors).    After owning this home for a few years, your equity increases, potentially increase in market values, and tadaa, you can move "up" a bit, using the principle as the down payment for the next place and renting is but a distance memory.

Talk to me, if you think it's time to make this happen.  I can give you advice on how to keep your credit report clean and sparkling too.